“The perfect balance of education and nurture to create a great foundation for the learning that’s going to take place for the rest of their lives.” — a Rivendell parent

About Rivendell Preschool

At Rivendell Preschool, we believe that learning to get along with a wide range of people and learning to respect both similarities and differences has lasting benefits.  Our preschool classrooms typically include children with a variety of learning styles and abilities and offer rich opportunities to discover materials especially designed for their levels of readiness and maturity.

The CORE Program at Rivendell Preschool

Rivendell’s CORE Program helps children who struggle with social connections to develop the readiness skills they need to learn with others.  Our educational model is based on the belief that relationships are the CORE of learning…

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Special Education & Evaluation

You are entitled to obtain a free evaluation for your child if you suspect or have been told by a teacher or pediatrician that his or her physical, mental, language or social development is not progressing as anticipated…

Consultation & Training Center

We actively share our collective knowledge with parents, educators and other professions in our community through a range of training opportunities including Autistic Spectrum Disorder, collaboration in the preschool classroom, curriculum development and positive behavior management…

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