Rivendell’s Philosophy

Rivendell School’s philosophy emphasizes the power of team building with and on behalf of each child and family served through its programs. This belief in the power of shared perspective shapes the work of Rivendell administrators, itinerant special educators and related service providers as they collaborate with families and colleagues to provide exceptional service to children and support to the early childhood community through the continuing educational opportunities it offers.

Services to children and families are provided regardless of race, gender, religious belief or socio-economic status. Every effort is made to reach out to the most disenfranchised families in our communities to help link them to the services their children are entitled to by law, but are not now receiving. Rivendell School is committed to pursuing its dual mission of service and continuing education with diligence and enthusiasm.

A Partnership with Parents

Rivendell School works with parents to help prevent academic and social failure among young children: ages 2-6.

If you suspect – or have been told by a teacher, medical professional or other concerned adult – that your child’s physical, mental or social development is not progressing as anticipated, you are entitled to obtain a free evaluation.

It is in the best interests of the child – and the family – to address such concerns as early in the child’s life as possible. The earlier delays are evaluated and addressed, the better the outcome.

Evaluations can help assess delays or lags in the development of your child’s speech and language skills, motor abilities, thinking and comprehension, social and emotional reactions and learning style.

Collaboration and Shared Learning

We welcome teachers, directors and service providers as colleagues and collaborators in all that we do. Finding common ground is essential to our work with children in inclusionary settings. This approach also shapes our deep commitment to each other — and our field. In various formats and forums — professional writings, conference presentations, workshops and classroom discussions — we examine and integrate experiences and viewpoints shaped by our individual roles as teachers, psychologists, therapists and counselors. We actively share our collective knowledge with educators and other professional colleagues outside our immediate circle to help formulate and shape best practices in Early Childhood Education. The continuously developing process of inclusionary education for special needs children is the unifying factor for us all.

Professional Development

Rivendell School is committed to the ongoing professional development of its own staff and that of teachers across New York City.

This learning takes place in several ways:

  •  Teachers and service providers closely follow developments in our field through memberships in professional organizations and regular attendance at workshops and conferences in the U.S. and abroad.
  • Individual staff members actively share insights gained at conferences, workshops and in visits to other sites through open-forum discussions with Rivendell School colleagues.
  • Rivendell School regularly offers presentations and teacher/staff training workshops in schools throughout New York City. These presentations address issues that teachers and service providers encounter each day in their work with all children. They also address issues that are of interest or particular importance to an individual school or program. Recent presentations have addressed aggression, managing challenging behavior, learning styles, occupational therapy practice and interventions, brain research and its application for education, and identifying at-risk behavior.