25 Years of Rivendell: The Alumni Community

by Angela Carola
Rivendell Board of Trustees

As parents of Rivendell alumni, we will always be vital to the success and growth of Rivendell School. While our children were here, we experienced what it means to be part of the community and see the strong sense of understanding about others that our children gained through the Rivendell mission. We embraced and advanced our school culture and contributed significantly to the Rivendell we enjoy today. As such, we will always be important members of the Rivendell community.

There are a number of ways we can stay connected to fellow alumni parents and the mission of the school:

  • Attend alumni events. There will be more alumni events for you and your children in 2020 as Rivendell celebrates its 25th Anniversary. There may even be opportunities for you to host a Parent of Alumni reunion event. If you are interested in more information, please email: alumni@rivendellnyc.org
  • Keep in touch—stop by for a visit or send an update about your alumnus/alumna or family.
  • Make sure we have your current information so you receive news and information about alumni activities. If your contact information has changed since your last year at Rivendell please email alumni@rivendellnyc.org
  • Make the Rivendell Annual Appeal part of your annual gifting plan. The annual Appeal is the cornerstone of all fundraising at Rivendell School and gives our school financial strength and flexibility which enables us to support Rivendell’s commitment and mission to promote excellent inclusive early childhood education through our Preschool, Evaluations, and Special Education Programs.

Rivendell Alumni parents often share anecdotes about the small interactions they see their grade school or even teenage children have with others, and how those interactions would look different if not for the perspective they gained at Rivendell. We can all agree supporting the spirit and mission of the school will help Rivendell thrive. Your continued involvement is paramount to making sure that happens.

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25 Years of Rivendell: The Alumni Community

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