About Rivendell Preschool

Rivendell Preschool, a pre-primary Montessori school, opened in September 1977.   Originally called The Children’s House of Park Slope, in 1998 it was incorporated into Rivendell School as its model early childhood inclusion setting.

At Rivendell Preschool, we believe that learning to get along with a wide range of people and learning to respect both similarities and differences has lasting benefits.  Our preschool classrooms typically include children with a variety of learning styles and abilities and offer rich opportunities to discover materials especially designed for their levels of readiness and maturity.

Our teachers, along with the special educators and therapists who support children with identified special needs, provide a warm, rich preschool experience for all the children, for each other and for parents.

The environment of cooperation and respect we foster at Rivendell Preschool incorporates Maria Montessori’s belief that a more peaceful world begins by nurturing each child’s spirit so that kindness, compassion and love of learning may follow.

Rivendell Preschool is a Member School of the American Montessori Society.