The CORE Program

Children enter the CORE Program at three or four years of age.  Those who may benefit from the program seem to learn in very specific ways and find great challenge in adapting to new experiences, to information presented in new or even slightly different ways and to changes in their routines.  Such children demonstrate strong idiosyncratic aversions to or fixations on certain experiences or objects and therefore find “flexibility” very difficult.  Although children considered to be on the autistic spectrum may benefit from CORE programming, this diagnosis is neither a requirement for nor an exclusive description of program eligibility.

Rivendell School’s CORE Program prepares children for preschool by teaching readiness in a flexible, individualized environment that progressively introduces elements of classroom life as the child’s skills develop.  The CORE social curriculum begins with one to one special education teacher and related service provider experiences and expands to include CORE peers and regular visitors.   Facilitated visits to Rivendell Preschool classrooms, gradually initiated according to individual progress, offer opportunities to apply the skills learned in CORE in the real world of a Rivendell Preschool classroom.

For more information about the CORE Program, contact Rosalie Woodside, our CORE supervisor.