Earth Day everyday here at Rivendell School


As Earth Day has just passed, we wanted to share some of the lessons the children have been working on around that day. In several classrooms, the children have been learning about “Air, Land and Water”, reading books about how to keep the earth clean and happy, and using blue and green shaving cream in order to recreate the earth. Even though Earth Day is a special day we encourage awareness to the environment, we would like to share what the children here at Rivendell do all year long! by being kind to our earth:

Early on, the children learn what it takes for a plant to grow happily; they feel the dry and wet soil and spray the plants with water if needed. They study the elements that are necessary for a seed to grow (soil, water and sun for warmth). Later on, the children transplant seedlings, so the roots have more space and the plants can grow bigger and happier. The children in the bigger classrooms have learned about recycling, they separate the trash from their lunches and place it into the correct recycling bins every day! All the Rivendell students enjoy collecting food scraps from their snacks and lunches and share it with our composting worms, instead of throwing it in the trash. Great job keeping our planet beautiful and healthy!